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beta(1)- and beta(2)-Adrenoceptor antagonist activity of a series of para-substituted N-isopropylphenoxypropanolamines.

SN Louis, TL Nero, D Iakovidis, FM Colagrande, GP Jackman, WJ Louis

Eur J Med Chem | Published : 1999


To further explore the structure-activity relationships of beta-adrenoceptor (beta-AR) antagonists, a series of 25 para-substituted N-isopropylphenoxy-propanolamines were synthesised, nine of which are new compounds. All have been examined for their ability to antagonise beta(1)-ARs in rat atria and beta(2)-ARs in rat trachea. Substitution in the para-position of the phenyl ring is thought to confer beta(3)-specificity and the selectivity of these compounds for the beta(1)-AR ranges from 1.5-234. None of the compounds tested were selective for the beta(2)-AR. Of the 25 compounds studied, 22 had reasonable (pA(2) > 7) potencies for the rat beta(1)-AR. Only compound 1 displayed reasonable (pA(..

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