Journal article

Comparison of mass transfer performance of pulsed columns with Tenova kinetics internals and standard disc and doughnut internals

Wen Li, Yong Wang, Hiep T Lu, Kathryn A Mumford, Kathryn H Smith, Geoffrey W Stevens

Hydrometallurgy | Elsevier | Published : 2019


One of the limitations to the application of columns to solvent extraction in the minerals industry is their relative inefficiency in slow kinetic systems such as those used for the separation of copper. In order to overcome this, this work examines the performance of a new kinetic internal and compares it to standard column internals for both a fast and slow kinetic system. The mass transfer performance of a pilot scale pulsed solvent extraction column with Tenova Kinetics Internals (TKI) and standard disc and doughnut internals (DDI) are compared, including the effect of pulsation intensity, continuous and dispersed phase velocities using the H2SO4 – Alamine® 336 system, a fast kinetic sy..

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