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Increasing the dose intensity of chemotherapy by more frequent administration or sequential scheduling: a patient-level meta-analysis of 37298 women with early breast cancer in 26 randomised trials

C Boddington, R Bradley, J Braybrooke, J Burrett, M Clarke, C Davies, L Davies, D Dodwell, F Duane, V Evans, L Gettins, J Godwin, R Gray, R Hills, S James, H Liu, Z Liu, E MacKinnon, G Mannu, P McGale Show all



BACKGROUND: Increasing the dose intensity of cytotoxic therapy by shortening the intervals between cycles, or by giving individual drugs sequentially at full dose rather than in lower-dose concurrent treatment schedules, might enhance efficacy. METHODS: To clarify the relative benefits and risks of dose-intense and standard-schedule chemotherapy in early breast cancer, we did an individual patient-level meta-analysis of trials comparing 2-weekly versus standard 3-weekly schedules, and of trials comparing sequential versus concurrent administration of anthracycline and taxane chemotherapy. The primary outcomes were recurrence and breast cancer mortality. Standard intention-to-treat log-rank a..

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