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Exploring the 3rd dimension within public law restrictions: A case study of Victoria, Australia

D Kitsakis, M Kalantari, A Rajabifard, B Atazadeh, E Dimopoulou

Land Use Policy | Elsevier | Published : 2019


The urban environment is characterised by increasingly complex relations driven by the needs of modern societies, such as multi-purpose buildings and composite infrastructures. However, the capabilities for extensive vertical exploitation of land provided by construction technology are related to the expansion of public utilities. This results in administrative restrictions on land and developments, known as Public Law Restrictions (PLRs). PLRs impose explicit and implied 3D restrictions, as well as restrictions of non-geometrical characteristics such as noise or groundwater pollution. This paper investigates if and how 3D modelling may contribute to better manage and enforce PLRs in a 3D fr..

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