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FogBus: A Blockchain-based Lightweight Framework for Edge and Fog Computing

Shreshth Tuli, Redowan Mahmud, Shikhar Tuli, Rajkumar Buyya

The Journal of Systems and Software | Elsevier Inc. | Published : 2019


Recently much emphasize is given on integrating Edge, Fog and Cloud infrastructures to support the execution of various latency sensitive and computing intensive Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Although different real-world frameworks attempt to assist such integration, they have limitations in respect of platform independence, security, resource management and multi-application execution. To address these limitations, we propose a framework, named FogBus that facilitates end-to-end IoT-Fog(Edge)-Cloud integration. FogBus offers platform independent interfaces to IoT applications and computing instances for execution and interaction. It not only assists developers to build application..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is partially supported by Melbourne-Chindia Cloud Computing (MO) Research Network and Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project. We thank Editor-in-Chief (Prof. Paris Avgeriou and Prof.David C. Shepherd), Area Editor (Prof. Juan Carlos Duenas), and anonymous reviewers for their excellent suggestions on improving the paper. We also thank Jungmin Jay Son and Shashikant Ilager for their comments on enhancing the presentation.