Book Chapter

Judith Butler o 'hon'yaku' suru (ジュディス・バトラーを〈翻訳〉する['Translating' Judith Butler])

Claire Maree, Akiko Shimizu

Gendai Shiso (現代思想) vol.47-3 | Seidosha Publishing | Published : 2019


Article on ‘translating’ Judith Butler. Professor Shimizu Akiko (University of Tokyo) in conversation with Dr Claire Maree on the occasion of Professor Judith Butler’s visit to Tokyo in December 2019. Profs Shimizu and Maree discuss the critical importance of Butler work, and the translation of Butler’s work into Japanese in relation to queer theory and studies of gender and sexuality in Japan/Japanese. In particular, how the contextualization and contexts of translational projects shape the theories as they pass along and into cultural spheres.

University of Melbourne Researchers