Journal article

High-dimensional Stokes vector direct detection over few-mode fibers

Honglin Ji, Di Che, Chuanbowen Sun, Jian Fang, Giovanni Milione, Ranjith Rajasekharan Unnithan, William Shieh

Optics Letters | OPTICAL SOC AMER | Published : 2019


Direct detection attracts much attention for its simplicity compared with coherent detection. In this Letter, we propose for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, a high-dimensional Stokes vector direct detection (HD-SVDD) receiver for mode-division multiplexing transmission in few-mode fibers where the coupled modes can be recovered without resorting to coherent detection. To the best of our knowledge, the first high-dimensional Stokes vector reception based on the proposed HD-SVDD receiver has been successfully demonstrated with a dual-spatial and dual-polarization mode at 60 Gb/s over a 200 m two-mode fiber.