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Triggering the Passivation Effect of Potassium Doping in Mixed-Cation Mixed-Halide Perovskite by Light Illumination

Fei Zheng, Weijian Chen, Tongle Bu, Kenneth P Ghiggino, Fuzhi Huang, Yibing Cheng, Patrick Tapping, Tak W Kee, Baohua Jia, Xiaoming Wen

Advanced Energy Materials | Wiley | Published : 2019


Potassium (K+) doping has been recently discovered as an effective route to suppress hysteresis and improve the performance stability of perovskite solar cells. However, the mechanism of these K+ doping effects is still under debate, and rationalization of the improved performance in these perovskites is needed. Herein, the photoluminescence (PL) properties and device performance of mixed‐cation mixed‐halide perovskite are dynamically monitored with and without K+ doping under bias light illumination via a confocal fluorescence microscope, together with ultrafast transient absorption as well as time‐dependent and time‐resolved PL measurements. It is demonstrated that illumination is essentia..

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Awarded by Australia Research Council

Awarded by Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

F.Z. and W.C. contributed equally to this work. B.J. acknowledges support from the Australia Research Council through the Discovery Project scheme (Grant Nos. DP150102972 and DP190103186) and the Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme (Grant No. IC180100005). F.Z. and K.P.G. thank the Australian Research Council for support under Grant No. CE170100026. Dr. Sergey Rubanov is acknowledged for the assistance of STEM-EDX measurement carried out at the Bio21 Advanced Microscopy Facility.