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Multiplexed Temporal Quantification of the Exercise-regulated Plasma Peptidome.

Benjamin L Parker, James G Burchfield, Daniel Clayton, Thomas A Geddes, Richard J Payne, Bente Kiens, Jørgen FP Wojtaszewski, Erik A Richter, David E James

Mol Cell Proteomics | Published : 2017


Exercise is extremely beneficial to whole body health reducing the risk of a number of chronic human diseases. Some of these physiological benefits appear to be mediated via the secretion of peptide/protein hormones into the blood stream. The plasma peptidome contains the entire complement of low molecular weight endogenous peptides derived from secretion, protease activity and PTMs, and is a rich source of hormones. In the current study we have quantified the effects of intense exercise on the plasma peptidome to identify novel exercise regulated secretory factors in humans. We developed an optimized 2D-LC-MS/MS method and used multiple fragmentation methods including HCD and EThcD to analy..

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