Journal article

Drug Screening in Human PSC-Cardiac Organoids Identifies Pro-proliferative Compounds Acting via the Mevalonate Pathway

Richard J Mills, Benjamin L Parker, Gregory A Quaife-Ryan, Holly K Voges, Elise J Needham, Aurelie Bornot, Mei Ding, Henrik Andersson, Magnus Polla, David A Elliott, Lauren Drowley, Maryam Clausen, Alleyn T Plowright, Ian P Barrett, Qing-Dong Wang, David E James, Enzo R Porrello, James E Hudson

Cell Stem Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2019


Funding Acknowledgements

We used the Australian National Fabrication Facility Queensland Node for the fabrication of the organoid screening platform molds. B.L.P., D.E.J., E.R.P., and J.E.H. are supported by fellowships and project grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council, the National Heart Foundation, Stem Cells Australia, The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, The University of Queensland., and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. The Murdoch Children's Research Institute is supported by the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program. The contents of the published material are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not reflect the views of the funding bodies.