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1,135 Genomes Reveal the Global Pattern of Polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Carlos Alonso-Blanco, Jorge Andrade, Claude Becker, Felix Bemm, Joy Bergelson, Karsten M Borgwardt, Jun Cao, Eunyoung Chae, Todd M Dezwaan, Wei Ding, Joseph R Ecker, Moises Exposito-Alonso, Ashley Farlow, Joffrey Fitz, Xiangchao Gan, Dominik G Grimm, Angela M Hancock, Stefan R Henz, Svante Holm, Matthew Horton Show all

CELL | CELL PRESS | Published : 2016


Arabidopsis thaliana serves as a model organism for the study of fundamental physiological, cellular, and molecular processes. It has also greatly advanced our understanding of intraspecific genome variation. We present a detailed map of variation in 1,135 high-quality re-sequenced natural inbred lines representing the native Eurasian and North African range and recently colonized North America. We identify relict populations that continue to inhabit ancestral habitats, primarily in the Iberian Peninsula. They have mixed with a lineage that has spread to northern latitudes from an unknown glacial refugium and is now found in a much broader spectrum of habitats. Insights into the history of t..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank A. Vijayaraghavan, G. Hightower, and E. Thomas for help with plant growth and data handling and generation and T. Karasov for critical reading of the manuscript. Funded in part by fellowships from EU Marie Curie program (A.M.H.) and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (B.A.R.), grants BIO2013-45407-P (C.A.-B.) and CGL2012-33220/BOS (F.X.P.) from Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad from Spain, BBSRC BB/F022697/1 and Wellcome Trust WT090532/Z/09/Z (R.M.), DFG SCHM1354-7-1 (K.J.S.), NIH and NSF (J.B., J.R.E.), Austrian Science Fund P 26342 and I 1022 (M.No., T.N., W.W.), the ERC (MAXMAP, M.No.; IMMUNEMESIS, D.W.), a collaborative grant from Austrian Science Fund and DFG (SPP ADAPTOMICS; M.No., D.W.), Austrian Academy of Sciences (M.No.), and Max Planck Society (D.W.). K.M.B. and D.W. are shareholders of Computomics GmbH. J.C. is an employee of Dow AgroSciences LLC. T.M.D., R.A.K., T.P.M., M.S., M.M.T., D.T., X.Z. are current or former employees of Monsanto Company. J.F. is an employee of Tropic IT Ltd. X.W. is an employee of Bayer CropScience AG.