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Earning While Giving: Rhetorical Strategies for Navigating Multiple Institutional Logics in Reproductive Commodification

Anna Hartman, Erica Coslor

Journal of Business Research | Elsevier | Published : 2019


This paper examines the rhetorical strategies for navigating multiple institutional logics in human egg commodification. We focus on the intermediaries (agencies) who match donors and recipients, examining their attempt to recruit potential donors through strategic communications. Using a rhetorical and semiotic approach, we analyzed 412 online advertisements on,recruiting women for commercial egg donation from across 30 US states (82 cities/regions). In this situation of institutional complexity, we find contradictory logics about gift giving and commodified market exchanges. In addition to reframing strategies that downplay opposition, we find interesting mixtures of what sh..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Thank you to Vanessa Pouthier, Ed Hyatt, Paul Tracey, the special issue guest editor and our two anonymous reviewers. Additional thanks to the doctoral students and faculty who attend Qualitative Design Studio (QDS) in the Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne. Financial support provided by the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.