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Are the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology High Blood Pressure Guidelines Fit for Global Purpose?: Thoughts From the International Society of Hypertension

Neil R Poulter, Rafael Castillo, Fadi J Charchar, Markus P Schlaich, Aletta E Schutte, Maciej Tomaszewski, Rhian M Touyz, Ji-Guang Wang



On the basis of currently available evidence, 1. We welcome the increased emphasis on out-of-office BP measurement which the ACC/AHA guidelines provide, but advise caution on the reported equivalence levels by type of measurement. 2. We support the use of risk assessment recommended in the ACC/AHA guidelines but note that the levels recommended as defining high risk do not accurately match those used in SPRINT. 3. We welcome the increased awareness about the importance of raised BP which the ACC/AHA guidelines have raised. 4. We suggest that in the global context, the definition of hypertension should remain as systolic BP ≥140 mm Hg and diastolic BP ≥90 mm Hg. 5. We think that ideal systoli..

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N.R. Poulter has received financial support from several pharmaceutical companies which manufacture blood pressure-lowering agents, for consultancy fees (Servier), research projects and staff (Servier, Pfizer), and for arranging and speaking at educational meetings (AstraZeneca, LRI-Therapharma, Napi, Servier, and Pfizer). He holds no stocks and shares in any such companies. In the last 2 years, R. Castillo has received speaker's honoraria from Servier, Boehringer Ingelheim, Unilab, LRI-Therapharma, Menarini, and Torrent Pharmaceutical. M.P. Schlaich is supported by an National Health and Medical Research Council Research Fellowship and has received consulting fees, and travel and research support from Medtronic, Abbott, Novartis, Servier, Pfizer, and Boehringer Ingelheim. A.E. Schutte is funded by the South African Medical Research Council and the South African Department of Science and Technology (SARChI Chair Programme) and received lecture honoraria from Novartis. M. Tomaszewski has received lecture honoraria from Boehringer Ingelheim. R.M. Touyz is funded through a British Heart Foundation grant. The other authors report no conflicts.