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The Y chromosome effect on blood pressure in two European populations

FJ Charchar, M Tomaszewski, S Padmanabhan, B Lacka, MN Upton, GC Inglis, NH Anderson, A McConnachie, E Zukowska-Szczechowska, W Grzeszczak, JMC Connell, GCM Watt, AF Dominiczak



Higher blood pressure (BP) in males compared with females is well documented and is thought to be influenced in part by the Y chromosome. To examine whether there is an association between BP and a polymorphic HindIII biallelic marker in the nonrecombining region of the Y chromosome, we genotyped 155 males from a Polish study group and 762 males from a Scottish study group. We also tested for possible interaction between the Y chromosome and a mutation in the steroidogenic factor binding site of the aldosterone synthase gene by genotyping the same group from Scotland. There was no significant difference in age or body mass index between 2 Y chromosome genotypes in both study groups. Men with..

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