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On-chip cell mechanophenotyping using phase modulated surface acoustic wave

Yanqi Wu, Alastair G Stewart, Peter VS Lee

Biomicrofluidics | AIP Publishing | Published : 2019


A surface acoustic wave (SAW) microfluidic chip was designed to measure the compressibility of cells and to differentiate cell mechanophenotypes. Polystyrene microbeads and poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) microbeads were first tested in order to calibrate and validate the acoustic field. We observed the prefocused microbeads being pushed into the new pressure node upon phase shift. The captured trajectory matched well with the equation describing acoustic radiation force. The compressibility of polystyrene microbeads and that of PMMA microbeads was calculated, respectively, by fitting the trajectory from the experiment and that simulated by the equation across a range of compressibility valu..

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