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A comparison of two oral rehydration solutions in experimental models of dehydration and diarrhoea in calves.

RJ Dupe, ME Goddard, RJ Bywater

Vet Rec | Published : 1989


Two oral rehydration solutions (ORS 1 and ORS 2) were evaluated in isolated intestinal loops of anaesthetised calves, in an experimental model of dehydration in the calf, in calves with experimentally induced diarrhoea and in 164 calves with clinical diarrhoea. The studies in isolated intestinal loops indicated that water absorption was significantly greater from ORS 2 than from ORS 1. After the intraperitoneal administration of hypertonic mannitol combined with intravenous diuretics, the plasma volume of calves was reduced by about 30 per cent, and was more rapidly expanded after treatment with ORS 2 than ORS 1. The plasma volume remained significantly reduced (P less than 0.01) three hours..

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