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Spirorchiidiasis in marine turtles: the current state of knowledge

Phoebe A Chapman, Thomas H Cribb, Mark Flint, Rebecca J Traub, David Blair, Myat T Kyaw-Tanner, Paul C Mills

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms | INTER-RESEARCH | Published : 2019


Blood flukes of the family Spirorchiidae are important disease agents in marine turtles. The family is near cosmopolitan in distribution. Twenty-nine marine species across 10 genera are currently recognized, but taxonomic problems remain and it is likely that more species will be discovered. Spirorchiids infect the circulatory system, where they and their eggs cause a range of inflammatory lesions. Infection is sometimes implicated in the death of the turtle. In some regions, prevalence in stranded turtles is close to 100%. Knowledge of life cycles, important for control and epidemiological studies, has proven elusive until recently, when the first intermediate host identifications were made..

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