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Systemic effects of synchrotron radiation

J Ventura, CN Sprung, HB Forrester, JS Palazzolo, A Ivashkevich, AW Stevenson, CJ Hall, AG Georgakilas, PN Lobachevsky, OA Martin

Journal of Physics Conference Series | Published : 2019


A change in an organ or tissue distant from the irradiated region was termed the radiation-induced abscopal effect (RIAE). It is not known how radiation settings affect non-targeted normal tissues and therefore the risk of radiation-related adverse abscopal effects. In a recent study, we examined abscopal effects of microbeam radiotherapy (MRT) and broad beam (BB) configurations, in mice that were locally exposed to a very short pulse of a high dose-rate synchrotron beam utilizing the Imaging and Medical Beamline (IMBL) at the Australian Synchrotron. Here we summarise this study. Oxidative DNA damage was elevated in a wide variety of unirradiated normal tissues. Out-of-field duodenum showed ..

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