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Variant subunit specificity in the quaternary structure of Artemia hemoglobin.

Cassandra J Vandenberg, Charles M Matthews, Clive NA Trotman

Mol Biol Evol | Published : 2002


The brine shrimp Artemia has three extracellular hemoglobins (Hbs) that are developmentally expressed and exhibit distinct oxygen-binding characteristics (Heip, Moens, and Kondo 1978; Heip et al. 1978 ). These Hbs are composed of two polymers, each of which comprises nine covalently linked globin domains. Although the cDNA sequences of two nine-domain globins from Artemia have been published, there is evidence for the existence of further expressed globin genes (Manning, Trotman, and Tate 1990 ). In the present study extensive analysis at the cDNA and genomic levels was performed in order to determine the globin gene copy number in Artemia. Sequence and Southern analysis suggest that four Hb..

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