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Seasonality and interspecific and intraspecific asynchrony in emergence from the nest by hatchling freshwater turtles

PJ Baker, JP Costanzo, JB Iverson, RE Lee

Canadian Journal of Zoology | Published : 2013


Timing of emergence from the natal nest is a variable trait in the life history of turtles. In theory, hatchling turtles that emerge synchronously, within and among nests, should gain a survival advantage over hatchlings that emerge independently. We examined emergence patterns for seven species of freshwater turtles that use a common nesting area in northern Indiana, USA. Hatchlings of four species emerged from the nest exclusively in late summer or early fall. However, hatchlings of three species usually overwintered in the nest chamber and emerged the following spring. Interspecific and intraspecific emergence from the nest was more synchronous in fall than in spring. Mean date of fall em..

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