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The Things We Talk About When We Talk About Browsing: An Empirical Typology of Library Browsing Behavior

Dana McKay, Shanton Chang, Wally Smith, George Buchanan

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology | Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) | Published : 2019


Libraries increasingly offer much of their collection online, rendering it invisible or unavailable to readers who, for reasons of information experience, prefer to browse the shelves. Although the evidence that shelf browsing is an important part of information behavior is increasing, information browsing as a behavior is somewhat of a black box (in contrast to web browsing, which is relatively well understood). It seems likely from early work that browsing is not, in fact, a monolithic behavior, but rather a set of behaviors and goals. The typologies presented in these works, however, are of a too high level to offer much insight into what support is needed for successful online browsing. ..

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