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The influence of deproteinised bovine bone mineral on dimensional changes in the maxillary second incisor socket

Nirushan Raveendiran, Stephen Chen, Helen Davies, Wayne Fitzgerald, Ivan Darby

Clinical Oral Implants Research | WILEY | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVES: To investigate the dimensional changes following the extraction of maxillary second incisors and to evaluate the influence of deproteinised bovine bone mineral on the healing outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The second maxillary incisors in nine dogs were extracted bilaterally in a minimally traumatic manner. Deproteinised bovine bone mineral with collagen (DBBMC) and a collagen matrix (CM) was placed in one socket with the contralateral socket left to heal naturally. After 3 months of healing, the dogs were sacrificed and the pre-maxilla resected. Cone beam computerised tomography scans (CBCTs) were obtained and the specimens prepared for histological preparation and analysis. S..

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