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Chiral condensate and Dirac spectrum of one-and two-flavor QCD at nonzero θ -angle

M Kieburg, J Verbaarschot, T Wettig

EPJ Web of Conferences | Published : 2018


In previous work we showed that the chiral condensate of one-flavor QCD exhibits a Silver Blaze phenomenon when the quark mass crosses m = 0: the chiral condensate remains constant while the quark mass crosses the spectrum of the Dirac operator, which is dense on the imaginary axis. This behavior can be explained in terms of exponentially large cancellations between contributions from the zero modes and from the nonzero modes when the quark mass is negative. In these proceedings we show that a similar Silver Blaze phenomenon takes places for QCD with one flavor and arbitrary θ- angle, and for QCD with two flavors with different quark masses m1 and m2. In the latter case the chiral condensate..

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