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Transition of Graphene Oxide from Nanomembrane to Nanoscroll Mediated by Organic Solvent in Dispersion

B Tang, E Gao, Z Xiong, B Dang, Z Xu, X Wang

Chemistry of Materials | Published : 2018


Morphological transition of two-dimensional (2D) nanomembranes, where multiple factors such as thermal fluctuation, wrinkling, crumpling, and the intersheet adhesion play competitive roles, is a fascinating and intriguing problem with both fundamental and applied interests. In this work, we find that the morphological transition from graphene oxide (GO) nanomembranes to nanoscrolls can be mediated by N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) in DMF-H2O dispersions. As the DMF content is in the range from 30 vol % to 100 vol %, GO membranes are rolled up to form nanoscrolls in the low GO concentration regime (<0.05 mg/mL). The formed GO nanoscrolls show features of tight rolling-up with interlayer distance..

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