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ZnO nanostructures enhance the osteogenic capacity of SaOS-2 cells on acid-etched pure Ti

R Zhang, Q Huang, X Liu, X Yang, H Yan, Z Xiong, N Xu, J Ma, Q Feng, Z Shen

Materials Letters | Published : 2018


Zinc oxide (ZnO) has attracted a great deal of interest due to its electronic and optical properties, and has potential applications in biomedical field, while few studies have been conducted to investigate its biocompatibility. In this study, we prepared nanostructured ZnO on acid-etched pure Ti surface through a moderate hydrothermal treatment in ammonia solution (pH = 12.6). By changing Zn precursor concentration and hydrothermal duration, it was feasible to synthesis flake-like ZnO nanostructures with variable spacings. The adhesion, proliferation and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity of SaOS-2 cells were enhanced on the ZnO nanostructures when the Zn precursor concentration was 0.02 M..

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