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A dual-layer macro/mesoporous structured TiO2 surface improves the initial adhesion of osteoblast-like cells.

Ranran Zhang, Tarek A Elkhooly, Qianli Huang, Xujie Liu, Xing Yang, Hao Yan, Zhiyuan Xiong, Jing Ma, Qingling Feng, Zhijian Shen

Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl | Published : 2017


A dual-layer TiO2 surface with hierarchical macro and mesoporous structure was prepared by a combinational approach of micro-arc oxidation followed by evaporation-induced self-assembly of nano-crystallites. The mesoporous layer contains pores with an average size of <10nm and consists of anatase TiO2 nanocrystallites. The dual-layer hierarchical macro/mesoporous structured TiO2 surface improves the hydrophilicity and fibronectin adsorption ability in comparison with the sole macroporous or smooth TiO2 surface. With the formation of an additional mesoporous layer on macroporous TiO2 surface, the attached number of human osteogenic sarcoma cells (SaOS-2) increases in the initial incubation of ..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology of China

Awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China