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General synthesis of high-performing magneto-conjugated polymer core–shell nanoparticles for multifunctional theranostics

H Yan, L Zhao, W Shang, Z Liu, W Xie, C Qiang, Z Xiong, R Zhang, B Li, X Sun, F Kang

Nano Research | Published : 2017


Recently, increasing attention has been paid to magneto-conjugated polymer core–shell nanoparticles (NPs) as theranostic platforms. However, the utilization of surfactants and extra oxidizing agents with potential toxicity in synthesis, the lack of general methods for the controlled synthesis of various kinds of magnetic NP (MNP)@conjugated polymer NPs, and the difficulty of obtaining balanced magneto-optical properties have greatly limited the applications of magneto-conjugated polymers in theranostics. We developed an in situ surface polymerization method free of extra surfactants and oxidizing agents to synthesize MNP@polypyrrole (PPy) NPs with balanced, prominent magneto-optical properti..

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