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Effects of macronutrient manipulation on postprandial metabolic responses in overweight males with high fasting lipids during simulated shift work: A randomized crossover trial

Maxine P Bonham, Elleni Kaias, Catherine E Huggins, Rochelle Davis, Gloria KW Leung, Nina Eikelis, Emma Shaw, Chiara Murgia



BACKGROUND & AIMS: Meals consumed out of synchronisation with normal circadian rhythms are associated with metabolic dysregulation. Changes in macronutrient composition of meals can improve metabolic responses during the day. Therefore, we aimed to investigate whether macronutrient manipulation of meals alters postprandial glucose and lipid responses and the expression of circadian genes during the night. METHODS: In a randomised crossover trial, 16 overweight males with high fasting lipids were fed isocaloric meals (2.7 MJ) at 0000 h. The meals differed primarily in total fat and total sugars content (control (8% total sugar, 5% saturated fat) vs test (16% total sugar, 26% saturated fat)). ..

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