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Male Oxidative Stress Infertility (MOSI): Proposed Terminology and Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Idiopathic Male Infertility

Ashok Agarwal, Neel Parekh, Manesh Kumar Panner Selvam, Ralf Henkel, Rupin Shah, Sheryl T Homa, Ranjith Ramasamy, Edmund Ko, Kelton Tremellen, Sandro Esteves, Ahmad Majzoub, Juan G Alvarez, David K Gardner, Channa N Jayasena, Jonathan W Ramsay, Chak-Lam Cho, Ramadan Saleh, Denny Sakkas, James M Hotaling, Scott D Lundy Show all

The World Journal of Men's Health | KOREAN SOC SEXUAL MEDICINE & ANDROLOGY | Published : 2019


Despite advances in the field of male reproductive health, idiopathic male infertility, in which a man has altered semen characteristics without an identifiable cause and there is no female factor infertility, remains a challenging condition to diagnose and manage. Increasing evidence suggests that oxidative stress (OS) plays an independent role in the etiology of male infertility, with 30% to 80% of infertile men having elevated seminal reactive oxygen species levels. OS can negatively affect fertility via a number of pathways, including interference with capacitation and possible damage to sperm membrane and DNA, which may impair the sperm's potential to fertilize an egg and develop into a..

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