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Structure and deformation correlation of closed-cell aluminium foam subject to uniaxial compression

M Saadatfar, M Mukherjee, M Madadi, GE Schroeder-Turk, F Garcia-Moreno, FM Schaller, S Hutzler, AP Sheppard, J Banhart, U Ramamurty



We report the results of an experimental and numerical study conducted on a closed-cell aluminium foam that was subjected to uniaxial compression with lateral constraint. X-ray computed tomography was utilized to gain access into the three-dimensional (3-D) structure of the foam and some aspects of the deformation mechanisms. A series of advanced 3-D image analyses are conducted on the 3-D images aimed at characterizing the strain localization regions. We identify the morphological/geometrical features that are responsible for the collapse of the cells and the strain localization. A novel mathematical approach based on a Minkowski tensor analysis along with the mean intercept length techniqu..

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Funding Acknowledgements

M.S. thanks ARC Discovery (DP0881458) for the financial support. M.S. also thanks Eva Franklin for proofreading the first draft and Ajay Limay for assisting with the creation of Fig. 2. G.E.S.T. acknowledges the support of the German research foundation (DFG) through Grant SCHR1148/3-1. S.H., J.B. and F.G.M. acknowledge funding from the European Space Agency (MAPs AO-99-108 and AO-99-075).