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Elastic and flow properties of carbonate core derived from 3D X ray-CT images

MA Knackstedt, C Arns, M Madadi, AP Sheppard, S Latham, R Sok, G Bächle, G Eberli

SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts | Published : 2008


Carbonate rocks are extremely diverse and their pore spaces complex and heterogeneous. Large uncertainties in the petrophysical properties of carbonates are due to wide variations in pore type, pore shape and interconnectivity. Petrophysical properties such as acoustic velocity and permeability are directly correlated to the amount and type of porosity, the dominant feature size and the interconnectivity of different porosity types. Accurately measuring these attributes requires the quantitative 3D analysis of the pore structure of carbonates. In this abstract we describe the imaging and analysis of two types of carbonate core; a set of vuggy, recrystallized dolostones and a set of oomoldic ..

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