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Theranostics for Advanced Prostate Cancer: Current Indications and Future Developments.

Andrea Farolfi, Wolfgang Fendler, Amir Iravani, Uwe Haberkorn, Rodney Hicks, Ken Herrmann, Jochen Walz, Stefano Fanti

Eur Urol Oncol | Published : 2019


CONTEXT: Advanced prostate cancer (PCa) is a prominent cause of cancer death in men; positron emission tomography (PET) imaging may play a relevant role in detecting metastases and thus allowing a more tailored therapy in these patients. Radioligand therapy (RLT) may also gain relevance as a treatment strategy in advanced disease. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this review is to highlight how the recently developed theranostic processes may become a part of both the available diagnostic and the therapy arsenal in advanced PCa patients. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION: An expert panel of nuclear medicine physicians and a urologist, highly experienced in the fields of radionuclide imaging and RLT in advanced PCa,..

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