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Effects of sodium butyrate and active Bacillus amyloliquefaciens supplemented to pasteurized waste milk on growth performance and health condition of Holstein dairy calves

Oscar Vazquez-Mendoza, Mona MY Elghandour, Abdelfattah ZM Salem, Long Cheng, Xuezhao Sun, Viridiana Lisete Garcia-Flor, Alberto Barbabosa Pilego, Paulina Vazquez-Mendoza, Uchenna Anele

Animal Biotechnology | TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC | Published : 2019


The objectives of the present study were to examine the impact of feeding both probiotics and sodium butyrate on calf performance and the economic implication of each treatment. A completely randomized design was used to investigate body weight (BW) gain, feed conversion efficiency and health conditions of Holstein dairy calves fed either pasteurized waste milk (PWM; n = 9) or a non-medicated milk replacer containing sodium butyrate and active probiotic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (NMR; n = 9) from birth to 60 days of age. Numerically, calves fed PWM consumed more starter feed between days 16 and 45 than calves fed NMR but the difference became smaller by 60 days. Birth weights and colostrum ..

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