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Interacting Intraplate Fault Systems in Australia: The 2012 Thorpdale, Victoria, Seismic Sequences

Januka Attanayake, Dan Sandiford, Lisa Schleicher, Gary Gibson, Mike Sandiford, Abraham Jones

Journal of Geophysical Research | American Geophysical Union | Published : 2019


Using a new seismic waveform data set, we locate 234 earthquakes and estimate source parameters (focal mechanisms, magnitude, and stress drop) of the two largest earthquakes (E1 and E2) in the 2012 seismic sequence in Thorpdale, Victoria. The focal mechanisms suggest thrust faulting, consistent with previous observations in southeast Australia. The estimated magnitudes are Mw 4.9 ± 0.14 (E1) and 4.3 ± 0.1 (E2). The estimates of stress drop 57 ± 7.4 MPa (E1) and 28 ± 2.4 MPa (E2) reflect strength of faults in an intraplate environment. By analyzing spatiotemporal distribution of aftershocks, we show that E1 and E2 reflect two separate seismic sequences about a month apart. E1 and E2 ruptured ..

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