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Relationship between Protein Oxidation Biomarkers and Uterine Health in Dairy Cows during the Postpartum Period.

Gianfranco Gabai, Elisabetta De Luca, Giovanni Miotto, Gianni Zin, Annalisa Stefani, Laura Da Dalt, Antonio Barberio, Pietro Celi

Antioxidants (Basel) | Published : 2019


High neutrophil (PMN, Polymorphonuclear neutrophil) counts in the endometrium of cows affected by endometritis, suggests the involvement of oxidative stress (OS) among the causes of impaired fertility. Protein oxidation, in particular, advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP), are OS biomarkers linked to PMN activity. To test this hypothesis, the relationship between protein oxidation and uterus health was studied in thirty-eight dairy cows during the puerperium. The animals were found to be cycling, without any signs of disease and pharmacological treatments. PMN count was performed either through a cytobrush or a uterine horn lavage (UHL). Cows were classified into four groups, based on ..

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