Journal article

An Expressivist Account of the Difference between Poor Taste and Immorality

G Young

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice | Springer Verlag | Published : 2019


This paper considers whether proposition (P 1 ) – “x is not immoral but it is in poor taste” – is morally contradictory when considered from the standpoint of constructive ecumenical expressivism (CEE). According to CEE, pronouncements about poor taste and immorality have the following in common: they each convey a negative attitude towards x and intimate that x ought not to be done. Given this, P 1 is vulnerable to a charge of contradiction, as it intimates that x is both something and not something that ought not to be done. To avoid the putative contradiction, it is argued that an accusation of poor taste amounts to a negative attitude towards the treatment of a morally pertinent matter, ..

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