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A fructan:fructan fructosyltransferase activity from Lolium rigidum

JA StJohn, GD Bonnett, RJ Simpson, GJ Tanner

NEW PHYTOLOGIST | WILEY | Published : 1997


Fructan:fructan fructosyltransferase (FFT) activity was purified about 300-fold from leaves of Lolium rigidum Gaudin by a combination of affinity chromatography, gel filtration, anion exchange and isoelectric focusing. The FFT activity was free of sucrose:sucrose fructosyltransferase and invertase activities. It had an apparent pI of 4.7 as determined by isoelectric focusing, and a molecular mass of about 50000 (gel filtration). The FFT activity utilized the trisaccharides 1-kestose and 6(G)-kestose as sole substrates, but was not able to use 6-kestose as sole substrate. The FFT activity was not saturated when assayed at concentrations of 1-kestose, 6(G)-kestose or (1,1)-kestotetraose of up ..

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