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Experimental investigation of dry density effects on dielectric properties of soil–water mixtures with different specific surface areas

A Orangi, GA Narsilio, YH Wang, D Ryu

Acta Geotechnica | Springer | Published : 2020


The dielectric constant of soil is used to estimate its water content in a range of applications. Unlike the widely known effect of water content on the soil dielectric constant (consistent direct proportionality), only a limited number of studies have reported the effects of soil dry density, however, with equivocal results. This paper, therefore, investigates the effects of dry density or degree of compaction on the dielectric constant of five different soil types. The results of the experimental work for the soils ranging from sand to Bentonite clay with distinct specific surface areas were evaluated based on the use of two simple mixture models (De Loor and Birchak). The effects of dry d..

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Awarded by Hong Kong Research Grants Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The first author would like to acknowledge the financial support provided by the 2016 Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship from the Department of Education and Training of the Australian Government, while studying at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the financial support from the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship, while studying at The University of Melbourne as well as the support from Hong Kong Research Grants Council (Project No. T22-603/15-N). Graduate students D. Popec, D. Langley, and N. Withers are thanked for their help with the experimental work. N. Morgan from Geotechnical Engineering Pty Ltd, W. Withers from Withers Civil Contractors, and Arumpo Bentonite Pty Ltd provided representative soil samples. The experimental work was carried out in the Geotechnical, Soil and Water Laboratory at The University of Melbourne.