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Assessment Method for Inelastic Higher Mode Effects in Outrigger Braced Tall Building Under Seismic Loads

Nilupa Herath, Priyan Mendis

International Journal of Applied Mechanics | Imperial College Press | Published : 2019


Outrigger system is a more popular structural system in tall buildings and higher mode participation in such buildings is an important aspect in design. During severe earthquake impacts, buildings undergo inelastic deformations, and this can lead to lengthening of modal periods of the building. Since higher mode effects have a significant impact on the overall behavior in tall buildings, the impact due to lengthening of modal periods needs to be addressed in the design. In this study, a simple assessment method is presented to quantify the effect of higher mode response on the behavior of outrigger braced buildings under seismic loads. The method comprises of simplifying the building to vert..

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