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Evaluation of Flexible and Integrative Psychiatric Treatment Models in Germany-A Mixed-Method Patient and Staff-Oriented Exploratory Study.

Sebastian von Peter, Yuriy Ignatyev, Jakob Johne, Sonja Indefrey, Onur Alp Kankaya, Burkhard Rehr, Manfred Zeipert, Andreas Bechdolf, Thomas Birkner, Arno Deister, Annette Duve, Sandeep Rout, Harald Scherk, Anna Schulz-Dubois, Bettina Wilms, Dyrk Zedlick, Peter Grollich, Bernard Braun, Jürgen Timm, Martin Heinze

Front Psychiatry | Published : 2018


Contrary to the practice in some countries, access to flexible and integrated forms of psychiatric care (FIT models) is limited in Germany. Several legislations have been introduced to improve this situation, notably the recent §64b (flexible and integrative treatment model; FIT64b) of the German Social Code, which allows for a capitation-based accounting of fees for services. The aim of this study was to explore the effects of FIT64b implementation on various stakeholders (patients, informal caregivers and staff) in 12 psychiatric hospital departments across Germany. Structural as well as quantitative and qualitative data are included, with integration of different methodological approaches..

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