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Mechanobiological osteocyte feedback drives mechanostat regulation of bone in a multiscale computational model.

Madge Martin, Vittorio Sansalone, David ML Cooper, Mark R Forwood, Peter Pivonka

Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology | Published : 2019


Significant progress has been made to identify the cells and signaling molecules involved in the mechanobiological regulation of bone remodeling. It is now well accepted that osteocytes act as mechanosensory cells in bone expressing several signaling molecules such as nitric oxide (NO) and sclerostin (Scl) which are able to control bone remodeling responses. In this paper, we present a comprehensive multiscale computational model of bone remodeling which incorporates biochemical osteocyte feedback. The mechanostat theory is quantitatively incorporated into the model using mechanical feedback to control expression levels of NO and Scl. The catabolic signaling pathway RANK-RANKL-OPG is co-regu..

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