Conference Proceedings

Facial thermography for attention tracking on smart eyewear: An initial study

B Tag, R Mannschreck, K Sugiura, G Chernyshov, N Ohta, K Kunze

Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings | Published : 2017


We are describing the first step towards the development of an unobtrusive open eyewear system for attention tracking in daily life situations. We are logging thermographic data from infrared imaging and electrooculographic readings from off-the-shelf smart glasses and measure cognitive engagement of people in different situations. We are identifying new potential areas on the face for contactless IR temperature sensing. Attached to smart glasses and in combination with the EOG potentials we can monitor the wearer's facial temperature changes, eye movement and eye blink in everyday situations, which is a major step towards becoming able to measure attention in unconstrained settings, and thu..

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