Conference Proceedings

GazeSphere: Navigating 360-degree-video environments in VR using head rotation and eye gaze

YS Pai, BI Outram, B Tag, M Isogai, D Ochi, K Kunze

ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Posters, SIGGRAPH 2017 | Published : 2017


Viewing 360-degree-images and videos through head-mounted displays (HMDs) currently lacks a compelling interface to transition between them. We propose GazeSphere; a navigation system that provides a seamless transition between 360-degree-video environment locations through the use of orbit-like motion, via head rotation and eye gaze tracking. The significance of this approach is threefold: 1) It allows navigation and transition through spatially continuous 360-video environments, 2) It leverages the human's proprioceptive sense of rotation for locomotion that is intuitive and negates motion sickness, and 3) it uses eye tracking for a completely seamless, hands-free, and unobtrusive interact..

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