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Determination of the Key Resistance Gene Analogs Involved in Ascochyta rabiei Recognition in Chickpea.

Ziwei Zhou, Ido Bar, Prabhakaran Thanjavur Sambasivam, Rebecca Ford

Frontiers in Plant Science | Frontiers Media SA | Published : 2019


Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is an important cool season food legume, however, its production is severely constrained by the foliar disease Ascochyta blight caused by the fungus Ascochyta rabiei (syn. Phoma rabiei). Several disease management options have been developed to control the pathogen, including breeding for host plant resistance. However, the pathogen population is evolving to produce more aggressive isolates. For host resistance to be effective, the plant must quickly recognize the pathogen and instigate initial defense mechanisms, optimally at the point of contact. Given that the most resistant host genotypes display rapid pathogen recognition and response, the approach taken wa..

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