Journal article

Observing Sea States

Fabrice Ardhuin, Justin E Stopa, Bertrand Chapron, Fabrice Collard, Romain Husson, Robert E Jensen, Johnny Johannessen, Alexis Mouche, Marcello Passaro, Graham D Quartly, Val Swail, Ian Young

Frontiers in Marine Science | Frontiers Media | Published : 2019


Sea state information is needed for many applications, ranging from safety at sea and on the coast, for which real time data are essential, to planning and design needs for infrastructure that require long time series. The definition of the wave climate and its possible evolution requires high resolution data, and knowledge on possible drift in the observing system. Sea state is also an important climate variable that enters in air-sea fluxes parameterizations. Finally, sea state patterns can reveal the intensity of storms and associated climate patterns at large scales, and the intensity of currents at small scales. A synthesis of user requirements leads to requests for spatial resolution a..

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