Journal article

Simultaneous skin friction and velocity measurements in high Reynolds number pipe and boundary layer flows

R Baidya, WJ Baars, S Zimmerman, M Samie, RJ Hearst, E Dogan, L Mascotelli, X Zheng, G Bellani, A Talamelli, B Ganapathisubramani, N Hutchins, I Marusic, J Klewickil, JP Monty

Journal of Fluid Mechanics | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2019


Streamwise velocity and wall-shear stress are acquired simultaneously with a hot-wire and an array of azimuthal/spanwise-spaced skin friction sensors in large-scale pipe and boundary layer flow facilities at high Reynolds numbers. These allow for a correlation analysis on a per-scale basis between the velocity and reference skin friction signals to reveal which velocity-based turbulent motions are stochastically coherent with turbulent skin friction. In the logarithmic region, the wall-attached structures in both the pipe and boundary layers show evidence of self-similarity, and the range of scales over which the self-similarity is observed decreases with an increasing azimuthal/spanwise off..

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