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Thermoresponsive amphoteric metal–organic frameworks for efficient and reversible adsorption of multiple salts from water

R Ou, H Zhang, J Wei, S Kim, L Wan, NS Nguyen, Y Hu, X Zhang, GP Simon, H Wang

Advanced Materials | Wiley | Published : 2018


Regenerable, high-efficiency salt sorption materials are highly desirable for water treatment. Here, a thermoresponsive, amphoteric metal–organic framework (MOF) material is reported that can adsorb multiple salts from saline water at room temperature and effectively release the adsorbed salts into water at elevated temperature (e.g., 80 °C). The amphoteric MOF, integrated with both cation-binding carboxylic groups and anion-binding tertiary amine groups, is synthesized by introducing a polymer with tertiary amine groups into the cavities of a water-stable MOF such as MIL-121 with carboxylic groups inside its frameworks. The amphoterized MIL-121 exhibits excellent salt adsorption properties,..

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