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Childhood Exposure to Passive Smoking and Bone Health in Adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study

Markus Juonala, Niina Pitkanen, Sanna Tolonen, Marika Laaksonen, Harri Sievanen, Eero Jokinen, Tomi Laitinen, Matthew A Sabin, Nina Hutri-Kahonen, Terho Lehtimaki, Leena Taittonen, Antti Jula, Britt-Marie Loo, Olli Impivaara, Mika Kahonen, Costan G Magnussen, Jorma SA Viikari, Olli T Raitakari



CONTEXT: Passive smoke exposure has been linked to the risk of osteoporosis in adults. OBJECTIVE: We examined the independent effects of childhood passive smoke exposure on adult bone health. DESIGN/SETTING: Longitudinal, the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study. PARTICIPANTS: The study cohort included 1422 individuals followed for 28 years since baseline in 1980 (age 3 to 18 years). Exposure to passive smoking was determined in childhood. In adulthood, peripheral bone traits were assessed with peripheral quantitative CT (pQCT) at the tibia and radius, and calcaneal mineral density was estimated with quantitative ultrasound. Fracture data were gathered by questionnaires. RESULTS: Parenta..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The Young Finns Study has been financially supported by Academy of Finland Grants 286284, 134309 (Eye), 126925, 121584, 124282, 129378 (Salve), 117787 (Gendi), and 41071 (Skidi); the Social Insurance Institution of Finland; Competitive State Research Financing of the Expert Responsibility area of Kuopio, Tampere, and Turku University Hospitals; Juho Vainio Foundation; Paavo Nurmi Foundation; Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research; Finnish Cultural Foundation; The Sigrid Juselius Foundation; Tampere Tuberculosis Foundation; Emil Aaltonen Foundation; Yrjo Jahnsson Foundation; Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation; Diabetes Research Foundation of Finnish Diabetes Association; Tampere University Hospital Foundation; EU Horizon 2020 Grant 755320 for TAXINOMISIS; and European Research Council Grant 742927 for the MULTIEPIGEN project. C.G.M. is supported by a National Heart Foundation of Australia Future Leader Fellowship (100849).