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Toward a dynamic evaluation of mineral criticality: Introducing the framework of criticality systems

Ye Yuan, Mohan Yellishetty, Mario A Munoz, Stephen A Northey



A new methodology to quantify minerals’ criticalities is proposed—the criticality systems of minerals. In this methodology, four types of agents—mineral suppliers, consumers, regulators of the market, and others, such as the communities near mining operations—interact with each other through three types of indicators: constraints, such as the political stability in the mining regions, the mineral's substitutability and economic importance; agents’ interactions, such as buyer–seller bargaining; and interactive variables, such as the demand, supply, and price. When the criticality systems of two mineral groups are constructed, analyses that compare the indicators of these criticality systems c..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors duly acknowledge the support of the Geoscience Australia for the project. We also wish to thank Dr. Richard Blewett, Dr. Karol Czarnota, Dr. Sarlae McAlpine, and Dr. Roger Skirrow. Very special thanks are due to Dr. David Huston, Prof. Nick Feltovich, and Prof. Gavin Mudd for the critical comments and discussions. This paper is inspired by the works completed by Prof. Graedel and his colleagues at Yale University.