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Are associations formed across pairs? A test of learning by temporal contiguity in associative recognition

Adam F Osth, Julian Fox



In models such as the search of associative memory (SAM: Gillund & Shiffrin, Psychological Review, 91(1), 1-67 1984) model, associations in paired-associate tasks are only formed between the pair of to-be-remembered items. The temporal context model (TCM: Howard & Kahana, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 46, 268-299 2002) deviates from SAM by positing that long-range associations are formed between the current item and all previously presented items, even in paired-associate tasks, where cross-pair associations are formed in addition to within-pair associations (Davis, Geller, Rizzuto, & Kahana, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 15, 64-69 2008). We tested this proposal in an associative reco..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We are extremely grateful to Vencislav Popov for sharing his data upon request and all authors who have publicly shared their data that we re-analyze in this work. We would also like to thank Nicola Singleton for assistance with data collection for Experiment 1. This work was supported by ARC DE170100106 awarded to Adam Osth. Data and experiment code from this article can be found on our OSF page (